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I am the very model of an up-and-coming lyricist.

(Consider this your evidence, in case you’re an empiricist.)

This BMI-trained, NYC-based graduate of Bennington’s

Been working in a day job but by moonlight she's been penning tons

Of books and songs (click here for a selection of discography…

And please forgive the cutesy nature of this rhymed biography)


And look, I made a website (though for years I had resisted it)!

My biggest claim to fame is StarKid’s magnum opus, Twisted: it

Sends up the Disney canon with irreverent hilarity

(And far more pathos than you might expect from such a parody),

And you can click this hyperlink to purchase memorabilia.

I also am the co-host of a podcast, Anglophilia.


Among other accomplishments, a half-finished septology

Portraying female adolescent angst without apology.

Despite this site, my self-promotion skills are somewhat tentative—

That’s why I’m in the market for a loyal representative

To sing my praises with the earnest zeal of a conspiracist:

“My client is the model of an up-and-coming lyricist!”

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