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I’m working my way through writing a tragicomic young adult series in the form of a girl’s diary, from age 11 through 17. Set in the late ‘90s—the tail end of that age of innocence before cell phones and social media changed everything (and the backdrop of my own memorably awkward adolescence)—the series takes an honest but humorous look at the heartbreak, melodrama, and complete inner turmoil of a middle school misfit. Do not look for wish fulfillment here; Phoebe’s is a journey filled with schadenfreude and wincing recognition. It’s the series I wish I’d had when I was Phoebe’s age.


Completed manuscripts:

   -  The Countless Humiliations (and Occasional Triumphs) of Phoebe Rosenblatt, Age 11

   -  The Continued Misadventures (and Debatable Maturation) of Phoebe Rosenblatt, Age 12

   -  The Morbid Meditations (and Celebratory Scribblings) of Phoebe Rosenblatt, Age 13


Currently seeking literary representation.

"Written from an 11 year

old’s point of view, The Countless Humiliations

(and Occasional Triumphs)

of Phoebe Rosenblatt

is spectacular

in every way possible. 

As an 11 year old myself,

I can really connect to

what she is going through.

It was a really good book

and I couldn't put it down

until I finished it."

- Ava V., age 11

The Countless Humiliations

(and Occasional Triumphs)

of Phoebe Rosenblatt,

Age 11 made me laugh out loud while also bringing

up countless memories

from middle school

that I've spent years 

successfully repressing.

Kaley's writing is more 

powerful than my 


- Ethan K., age 26

“Blending a sophisticated

comic’s ear with heartfelt, unaffected openness, 

McMahon bravely

presents us with an

entirely new kind of 

preteen female protagonist:

a unique, complex,

fully realized human being.


- Annie S., age 30

"America's Adrian Mole

in a training bra proves

an absolute delight

from beginning to end.

I laughed out loud.

I cringed. I cried.

I never wanted it to end.

What more can one ask

of any book?"

- Sherry C., age 61

"It’s been seven

and a half decades

since I was Phoebe’s age. 

Yet I can clearly feel,

through her writing,

all the pain, angst,

wonder and dreams of 

being a child/woman.

She’s my memory bank.

A truly lovely stroll

through my past."

- Lynn J., age 85

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